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Summer is here – time to think cooling!

Monday, October 29th, 2007

With the heat onset we are going to have – it may be a good time to check your PC is working its best at cooling! CPU temps for normal P4 and Core2 CPUs range from 40-65 deg – once you get over that you are starting to push the limits. Common symptoms of PC overheating are -
- CPU fan running full speed al lthe time
- Case getting very hot
- System slowing after being on for a few minutes
- System restarting or shutting off after a short period of time (10 mins)
There are up to 4 fan in a standard system – all of which can cause issues – CPU, Power Supply, Video Card (in some systems only) and motherboard (also in some systems only). You should check each of these that it is operating and that there is no dust build up on the heat sink – which is where problems occur (since the fan is not able to cool the heatsink itself). Dismantle and clean with a brush, or book it in to one of our shops for a service to get it back and running cool!
Also if you want to improve the cooling of your unit – give us a call about Antec and Zalman cool powersupplies, as well as better cooling and even fanless CPU cooler. We even have water cooling CPU units if you need the max cooling you can.