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Exchange 2010 Message Throttling

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Ive been spending some time working on Message Filtering for Exchange 2010. We have some clients setup who have an external spam filter that handles all the email – so the exchange server only sees traffix from 1 SMTP source. Which is fine unless the Exhcnage system gets overloaded with mail and starts to throttle messages based on SourceIP – of which there is only 1  being the mail filter ! So have a look at the various options you can play with using Exchange Console and the following command -
Get-ReceiveConnector | Set-ReceiveConnector (-MaxInboundConnection -MaxInboundConnectionPercentagePersource -MessageRateSource)
Get-ThrottlingPolicy | Set-ThrottlingPolicy
and consider turning OFF the Exchange Anti Spam features – since its being handled elsewhere. Look at increasing limits (or setting to unlimited or $NULL depending on the chooices for the option).
James Joyce MCITP

Exchange 2010 Sender Filter

Friday, August 31st, 2012

A customer was not able to receive email from 1 client – he would always get a error back saying:
5.1.0 Sender denied
We spent time going through the Exchange Sender AS options (which were changed from Deny to Stamp and allow) and also through the AS software that was running on the server (configuring whitelists for the incoming email) and yet it would still get bounced. They showed up in the Exchange log as arriving so there was no question they were getting to the system.
Turns out Exchange 2010 (and possibly 2007) also pulls block lists for senders from the end users OUTLOOK. So we logged into the users OWA and went to the block list and what do you know – the customer had blocked the sender ! By mistake of course… Removed their email and all fixed.

James Joyce MCITP