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MS Update causes Kaspersky to fail and scandisk to run

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

There is a recent update from Microsoft which can cause issues with Kaspersky Virus protection. The system will show ‘no valid license’ in Kaspersky and it will do a scandisk on each boot (and find no errors).
This is due to the recent MS update (KB2823324) which makes changed to the ntfs driver file. The solution is to remove the update from your computer (and Microsoft have removed it from their download list) and reboot – which will allow the system to return to normal function. Windows 7 is affected, as is Server 2008. To remove a windows update use Programs and Features in the Control Panel, and choose View installed updates from the left. They are listed in date order – and this update was release 8/4/13.

Details from Kaspersky on the issue  is HERE, and the Microsoft post on the update can be found HERE