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hiberfil.sys, pagefile.sys and an SSD based Intel i5 PC

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

So I decided to do some build work on a new PC – one that would run on SSD with a fast CPU and lots of RAM. The build used a Samsung 840 120GB SSD Drive (running SATA3), Intel i5 3330 Quad Core CPU, 16GB DD3 Corsair ram (2x8GB in Dual Channel) and Windows 7 PRO.
Yes – it is fast ! Boots to the Windows desktop in mere seconds – and everything just responds super fast. Installing programs is also very very quick.
The issue – with a plain load of windows installed i only had 55GB free space on the drive. Huh ? After formatting and installing that should be about 80GB free. So I did some hunting around and after turning ON show Protected System Files (Control Panel->Folder Options->View->Untick Hide Protected operating system files) i could see what took up the space. My pagefile.sys file (virtual memory – which is normally the same size as the RAM) and my hiberfil.sys file (used to snapshop the system when you hibernate) – which are both stored in the root directory of the system drive (C: in most cases).
Now I have no interest in hibernating this desktop, and since there is 16GB of RAM i doubt i will need any virtual memory (which is used when the system runs out of physical RAM). So the 2 steps required are -
1. Turn OFF pagefile for the C drive (Control Panel->System->Advanced->Performance Settings->Advanced->Change. Then Untick the automatically manage pagefile option and SET the C drive to No paging file)
2. Turn OFF hibernate and remove the file – this is not as simple as changing the power options in control panel, since that turns OFF hibernate BUT leaves the file on the drive. So go to an Administrative Command Prompt (Right click on command promt->Run As Administrator) and type the following command:
powercfg -h off
Job done! Close to 80GB free now – and the system runs fully from RAM so its a pleasure to operate…

James Joyce