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Online Security Part1

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

We get alot of requests for info on online security and what can be done to prevent (or minimise the chance which is more the right thing to say) getting infected with spyware/malware and compromising the PC. Here is the first part of our 3 part good management for you and your PC.

1. Make sure you have good AntiVirus (AV) protection. A product that covers both virus and spyware/malware is a must. This program should stop you running infected files and monitor your PC for getting infected. The advanced version of the anti virus product is called Internet Security (IS) – which normally covers AV as well as web protection (from clicking on bad links) and firewall protection (to stop in bound hacking attempts and more importantly block your information being sent out from the PC. Especially required if you do intrnet banking). We use Kaspersky for this. ALSO make sure its updated (there is no point in having a AV product thats out of date – it will miss all the latest threats.).

2. Software updates – this is not critical in the protection game (at least compared to AV/IS) but is important. At minimum you should do the Microsft Windows service packs and update things like Adobe Acrobat and Adboe Flash – since these program are used on many websites andcan be used to install malware on your PC without you knowing about it. The Adobe programs can be downloaded from

3. Have a strong password ! It is so easy to create a password for your account, and make it sure its not something stupid like ‘password’ or your name… then if anyone tries to gain access to your PC it creates another layer of protection they have to try and get through. Tips for a strong password include having 6+ characters, including upper and lower case letters,  and using numbers.

We’ll look at more donts and dos in the next installment.