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Windows 7 due out 22nd Oct

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

The next major upgrade to Windows is nearly here – Windows 7. It will come in 3 flavours (Premium, Pro and Ultimate) and improves on many of Vistas issues as well as adding new enhancements in. The final release version is now out and we have installed it into our production machines – read the full review of it HERE.

Suffice to say – its time for XP to be upgraded everywhere – the Windows users have been waiting for is finally here ! We will be moving to Windows 7 as our standard system OS shortly for our Hand Crafted PCs and notebooks.

WiFi 802.11n Finalised

Monday, September 14th, 2009

The current wireless standards of 11Mb (B), 54Mb (G) and 108Mb (SuperG/TurboG) now have a new IEEE ratified standard of 270Mb (N). Draft and Pre N have been around for years now but the IEEEĀ  have finally stamped the full WiFI N. Expect 802.11n deviced to become the standard now, and upgrades to be available to all Wifi Pre/Draft N devices via firmware or software/drivers updates within the next few months.

As is normally the case most routers will handle the new standard as well as the pre and draft versions – so you wont be loosing out if you dont update straight away.