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Can we make a silent PC?

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

Recently I decided to replace my notebook computer (which was used as my main PC with an external LCD and USB KB/Mouse) with a desktop. Being able to move around with my PC was no any use anymore, so it was time to change over. But one thing I liked about the notebook was it was QUIET – something when working on it a lot and at night when everyone is asleep was great. So the challenge was to replicate that with the desktop – heres how I did it.
The parts of the PC that make noise are (in general order) – (1) CPU Fan (2) Power Supply Fan (3) Video Card Fan (4) Hard Disk. I still wanted a powerful PC that could do graphics and gaming, so i put the following parts together-
(1) CPU Fan – used the Thermalright HR-01 PASSIVE heat sink. NO fan on this unit so it is silent, and it cools the Intel Core2 1333Mhz 2.67Ghz CPU perfectly
(2) Power Supply – the Zalman 360w Super Quiet power supply took care of this, and blows air over the CPU fan to assist the cooling. The 120mm fan is virtually impossible to hear
(3) Video Card Fan – MSI’s 8600GT PCix HEATPIPE video card works great – again NO fan so its silent
(4) Hard Disk – Samsungs 250GB Silentseek Noiseguard SATA HDD is very quiet and actually the only part you can normally hear working in the PC when its read/writing
So it can be done – and to be honest its actually quieter than my notebook was since it had a CPU /Video fan than ran a lot!! Its cheap to do as well – all the parts are available in our online store, and the added option is you can put a 120mm fan on the CPU heatsink for extra cooling if you are looking for the ultimate CPU cooler for overclocking or hot environments!