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Download Windows 8.1 iso direct from Microsoft

Monday, January 12th, 2015

Microsoft have finally allowed us to create – on the fly – our own .iso images of Windows 8.1. This is great news since as long as you have a valid windows 8/8.1 key you can get a full version of 8.1 in whatever combination you need (32 bit OR 64 bit, US OR UK OR any other language, Home OR Pro) and create it whenever you need it. Makes life easy for when you lose your disk (or you get a system with no media provided!).

Get what you need from this link –

MS Update causes Kaspersky to fail and scandisk to run

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

There is a recent update from Microsoft which can cause issues with Kaspersky Virus protection. The system will show ‘no valid license’ in Kaspersky and it will do a scandisk on each boot (and find no errors).
This is due to the recent MS update (KB2823324) which makes changed to the ntfs driver file. The solution is to remove the update from your computer (and Microsoft have removed it from their download list) and reboot – which will allow the system to return to normal function. Windows 7 is affected, as is Server 2008. To remove a windows update use Programs and Features in the Control Panel, and choose View installed updates from the left. They are listed in date order – and this update was release 8/4/13.

Details from Kaspersky on the issue  is HERE, and the Microsoft post on the update can be found HERE

Windows 8 Media Centre Upgrade FREE

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

For those who have use Windows Media Centre (from XP and Windows 7 versions) you may get a bit disappointed with Windows 8 – it is NOT part of either Home or PRO versions by default. If you have Win8 Home you need to upgrade to the PRO pack, and if you have PRO you need to upgrade to the Media Centre pack.

Till Jan 31st 2013 if you have Windows 8 PRO you can get the Media Centre upgrade FREE ! Follow the link here and supply your email and the key will be emailed to you from Microsoft

Microsoft Windows 8 in stock NOW

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Windows 8 is finally here – the next version of the Windows operating system. Sporting a new metro (tile) interface and running on the same system requirements as Windows 7 its a must have for all PC users. Check it out in store or at:

Microsoft Phone Support Scam

Friday, January 20th, 2012

We’ve just had a customer repair come in to the Sylvania store with a sad – but not rare – story. She was contacted after hours by a Microsoft support staff on the home phone, saying her PC had issues. From there they talked her through seeing where the apparent faults were, and giving them access to the machine to fix the problems. And of course there was a charge of $200 for the service…

Now whilst on paper that may seem obvious as a scam – when you are not experienced on PCs it is easy to be misled by these guys. And it annoys me to know they are overseas and cant be traced in any easy way from here. One day someone will find one of them and let them know what the people being scammed think of them… But let me say the warning signs from the call were the following -

1. Microsoft (or any of the software companies support departments) NEVER call you out of the blue. You will always contact them first.
2. How did they get your number ? Its not listed in a ‘central’ PC database somewhere – so how then ? And then what if you had a Mac or no PC at all…

Id be hanging up at that point (or having some fun with them since i know whats going on). But if you let them in and allow them to install anything – well then you probably need to get the machine checked over by a service centre (once you have realised it was not legit) since there are many different bits of software they can install which you would not want running on the PC. And chase your credit card company and tell them there is a non authorized transaction on your card – let them go find who it is ! And get your money back since you did NOT authorize the purchase.

Have a look at our online security series for some more ideas on keeping safe on the net.

Windows XP SP3 Released – quietly

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

XP, which has now been superceded by Vista and Vista SP1, has been show to still have MS Support with the release of their lastest service pack – SP3. This is a rollup of the previous 2 service packs and all the updates since SP2 to get the machine running as fast and secure as possible. Unlike XP SP2 many years ago and Vista SP1, both of which received heaps of press since they were needed, SP3 has just come out through windows updates and the Microsoft website – and there you go. Obviously MS is putting their time and money into Vista – not unreasonable since XP is now a 7 year old system.
Download either via Windows Update on your PC or the internet, or from the Microsoft Web site as a complete download (315MB).