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Canon b500 error – MP480 Replace Waste Ink Pads

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Recently had to replace the waste pads on a customers MP480 printer. Not an easy job – be ready to get dirty ! The actual pads are only $20-$30 to buy new, and the old ones can be accessed from the unit by taking the back cover off (which holds the paper – 2 black screws left and right then lift up). I would suggest using pliers to get the pads out – and then clean the tube so waste ink can flow out again. Thats the ‘easy’ part…

Next you need to get the printer into service mode and reset the count so that it knows you have done the job. This video gives the idea of how – For the MP480 its the following – Hold RESET, then press and hold POWER, then release and press RESET twice (the front light should go from Green to Orange to Green). Then release POWER. That should then boot it into Service mode and say IDLE. Now for the final part – you need to reset the Ink Absorber Counter to 0% so the printer will start working again (note you can also do this if you want to just reset the counter and keep printing – but be sure to check if the waste ink IS full rather than ignoring the issue !).

To do that yo will need the Canon Service Tool v3400, whcih allows you to talk to Canon printers in service mode and make changes – like the Ink Counter. You can download it HERE. Its simple software that talks to the printer via USB in Service mode and allows you to config all the parts – worth a look ! Then just power off and on, and the system should be good to go.